Can I change the Hold Music and Inbound/Outbound Tones?

Default Hold Music

Hold music is the music that the contact person hears when the call is put on hold by the agent.

To enable hold music, please submit a request to Talkdesk Support.

You can see below the default music files that the contact person hears when hold music is enabled in your account. The files are played in order, from 1 to 5. When the system reaches the end of the 5th file, it goes back to the 1st file and will continue playing the files in order.

  1. The First Sunny Sky (Default first hold music)
  2. Sample pack
  3. Fireproof Babies
  4. Per Joachim Instrumental
  5. Cecil Helen Instrumental



Inbound and Outbound Tones

Talkdesk plays different inbound and outbound tones depending on the action that is being executed.

  • Inbound tone: This is the default inbound tone that the contact person hears when they are being connected to an agent. It is played either right after they choose an IVR option, or upon exiting the waiting queue and being connected to an agent.

Note: The inbound tone is not the same as the call ringing tone when a call is ringing.

  • Outbound tone: This is the default outbound tone that agents hear when an outbound call is being connected.
  • Outbound busy tone: This is the default outbound busy tone that agents hear when the attempt to complete an outbound call or transfer fails.


Alternative Hold Music and Tones

There are multiple alternative music files that you can use, including alternative ringtones. Please check the list below and let us know if you wish to use any of these music files. If none of them are suitable, please send the MP3 audio files that you would like to use to Talkdesk Support, and we can upload and configure them for you.

Note: Please bear in mind that it is illegal to play copyrighted music or live radio as hold or waiting music without having the proper license.

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