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Can I change my hold music / ringtone options?


You can customize your hold and ringtone music options by emailing our support team ( attaching your required file.

Important: It is illegal to play copyrighted music or live radio as hold or waiting music without the proper license.

Hold Music

These are the default music files that play when Hold and Waiting music is enabled on your account (they play in order from 1 to 5 and then they loop when you reach the end of the 5th song):

  1. - default


These are our default ring tones:

Inbound ringing tone:
This is the default inbound tone that customers hear when they are being connected to an agent (this plays either right after the customer chooses an IVR option, or upon exiting the waiting queue and being connected to an agent).

Note: The inbound ringing tone is not the tone that sounds from the browser, or from Callbar, when an agent receives a call.

Outbound ringing tone:
This is the default outbound tone that agents hear when making an outbound call.

Outbound busy tone:
This is the default outbound busy tone that agents hear when they are making an outbound call that failed, or a transfer that failed.


Additional Stock Files

The following are some files we have in stock and that you can choose from. If none of these are suitable, please send the audio files (mp3 or wav) that you would like your callers to hear and we can upload and configure them for you.

Ringing/Dialing tones:



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