Customizing the Intelligent Reconnect Prompt Message (Legacy)

Note: If you are using Talkdesk Studio™,  these settings may not be applicable. Effective June 21, 2021, Talkdesk Classic Inbound Routing will no longer be available for new customers. New customer accounts will only be able to configure inbound routing behavior through Studio.


When the ‘Intelligent Reconnect’ option is enabled for your account, if a caller calls you back within five minutes after a previous call, they will hear the Intelligent Reconnect default message: "We noticed you were just disconnected, so we're sending your call to the top of the queue. Press 1 to go to the main menu instead."

If the caller presses 1, the call is routed back to the IVR as a newly received call. If the caller does nothing, then we will first check to see if the agent the caller was speaking to when the call dropped is available: if so, we'll automatically direct the call to that agent. If not, we will place the call at the top of the queue where it was originally received.

You may also add a custom message to be played in lieu of the one described above. If you choose to do so, remember that the default behavior is to send callers to the top of the queue, and that they will need to press 1 to avoid this, so be sure to include this in your message.

To customize your Intelligent Reconnect Prompt message, follow these instructions:


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an administrator.
  • Select the "Admin" section [1].
  • Select the "Numbers" tab [2].
  • Click the phone number for which you would like to configure the customized Intelligent Reconnect Prompt message.
  • Select the "Greetings" tab [3].
  • Scroll down until you see "Inteligent Reconnect Prompt" [4].
  • Add a new message by following the steps below:
    • Click the "Add New Message" [5] link. Or, choose an already existing message [6].
    • Assign your Intelligent Reconnect Prompt message a name by typing it into the box next to "Message Name". This will be the label applied to this message in Talkdesk. Callers will not hear the message name.
    • If you would like to type in a message to be converted to an audio message to play to callers, select "Text to Speech" [7] and type your message next to the box labeled "Message".
    • Alternatively, if you have a pre-recorded message that you would like to play to callers, select "Upload File" [8] and click the "Choose File" button. Talkdesk currently supports mp3 and wav file types. If you have a file saved in another format, you can convert it to a format we support by using this tool.
    • "Save" your new message [9].
  • Once you have finished, click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Important: repeat these steps for each required phone number in your account.


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