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Configuring a Phone Number


Once you add a new number to your Talkdesk account, you will be redirected to your new phone number's configuration panel, where you can define and change its settings.


Numbers General Settings

You can edit and change your number's configurations at any time. To do so, simply access the Admin [1] section at the top of the page and select your Numbers [2] tab. Next, click on the phone number that you would like to configure [3]:


For each phone number, the following settings can be customized:


  • "Ring Groups" [4]: The teams that will be using this number. Each phone number needs to have at least one ring group assigned. Ring groups can represent skills, departments, languages, etc. It is via ring groups that Talkdesk routes the different types of calls to those agents with the proper skills to handle them.
  • "Friendly Name" [5]: A name that helps you better identify your phone number (e.g: sales line, support line)
  • "If-No-Answer Phone Number" [6]: This is a backup number that we call before sending the call to voicemail.
  • "VIP Phone Number" [7]: If you define the phone number as VIP, callers will automatically jump to the front of the queue when they reach you via this number.

Don't forget to click on Save [8].


Note: If you are using Talkdesk® Studio™, depending on how the components are configured, some of these settings may not be applicable.


Besides the above-listed options, for each phone number, you can also configure GreetingsExtensions, IVRs, and other more advanced settings.

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