Cases - Custom Fields in Reporting

The "Custom Fields Reporting" dataset allows you to collect and analyze data through custom fields. Custom fields can be found in the Explore tab under the Case Custom Field dimension.

If you create a custom field called "Order Status" for line items, you can locate it later in the Case Custom Field dimension and add “Order Status” as a filter value.


Create Dashboard

Refer to Explore Custom Create Dashboards to learn how to create a dashboard.


Create Custom Fields Report

Figure 1.png

1. Select the Cases dataset from the side menu.

Figure 2.png

2. Add the Custom Field into Filter:

2.1 - Expand Cases [1].

2.2 - Click “Filter by field” icon [2] to add Custom Field into the Filter.

2.3 - Add a custom field (e.g. Order Status - [3]).

Figure 3.png

3 - Choose metric and visualization:

3.1 - Click and choose a metric (e.g. Total Case Created - [1]).

3.2 - Click and choose Custom Field Value [2].

3.3 - Choose a visualization (e.g. pie chart - [3]).

3.4 - Click Run to view the report [4].

3.5 - Click Save to save the report [5].

Figure 5.png

4 - Custom Field report is successfully created.


Add Dashboard Filter 

Figure 6.png

1. Add Filter:

1.1 - Click Filters [1].

1.2 - Click Add Filter [2].

Figure 7.png

2. Add a Date Filter for example:

2.1 - Expand Cases [1].

2.2 - Expand Filters [2].

2.3 - Click Date to add a date filter [3].

Figure 8.png

3 - Click the Add button and save the filter [1].

Figure 9.png

4 - Add case field (e.g. Priority) as a filter for example [1]. Figure 10.png

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