Does Talkdesk Support CNAM (Caller ID Name)?

Talkdesk can apply a business or employee name to numbers in the United States and Canada. 


Is caller ID delivery guaranteed?

No, despite each carrier's effort to send, caller ID display may not always show due to various reasons (the type of device, service provider, settings, and device preferences). Additionally, certain carriers may have limitations in specific areas. As such, Caller ID is not a guaranteed technology or service.


Is CNAM in Canada different from the US or other parts of the world?

Yes. In North America, Caller ID is handled differently in the US and Canada. In the US, CNAM is stored in a central database, which is queried by the receiving carriers to display the caller ID name. In Canada, however, CNAM is pulled directly from the display name in the SIP signaling without the need for a lookup. Therefore, to support CNAM, we need to collaborate with carriers that can accommodate this type of mechanism. 

For other parts of the world, each country and carrier has different methods of transferring this data, which greatly affects the ability to deliver Caller ID on outbound calls from Talkdesk.


How do I register a CNAM for my Canadian number?

You can apply a CNAM name on a new, existing, or port-in number, by simply Submitting a Request with Talkdesk Support and providing the number and CNAM name requested (a maximum of 15 alphanumeric characters). Our Support team will update the number information and notify you once the registration process is complete. No further action is required from you. 

Please note that it takes approximately 5-10 business days to process a porting request.

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