Audio quality issues: delays, pops, clicks?

Call Quality is affected principally by your network conditions. We are able to help you identify what may be the problem and recommend steps you can take to improve it. 

If you send us 3 or more call examples, we can check our Network Insights to determine if we see the presence of packet loss, jitter or high latency. If you have examples, please review these guidelines on Reaching out to Talkdesk Support.

  • Packet loss: Your audio is converted and sent over the internet as packets of data. If some of those packets don’t arrive at the destination you’re going to have a very poor call experience.
  • Latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to be sent and received. If the latency is too high voice calls become unworkable due to the delay.
  • Jitter: Jitter is the variability of Latency. It measures how many data packets arrive in the wrong order. For a voice call it’s absolutely crucial that packets of data arrive in the right sequence.

Please review the following information in order to maximize the chance of a good quality call:


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