Why am I receiving calls from strange numbers?

If you’re receiving inbound calls from strange numbers that don't look like real phone numbers, please check to see if it’s one of the numbers below. Sometimes, the originating carrier for a call will pass through one of the following words. Talkdesk converts those words to digits and uses those digits as the ‘From’ parameter.

  • RESTRICTED => 737 874-2833
  • BLOCKED => 256-2533
  • UNKNOWN => 865-6696
  • ANONYMOUS => 266696687
  • UNAVAILABLE => 86282452253
  • [EMPTY] =>
  • 760-705-8888 is the generic Google Voice number all Google chat users are assigned as caller ID. It is the same number no matter what Google account a person is calling you from so, calls from this number might or might not, be legitimate.


These statuses are more common when the caller is calling from a VoIP service.


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