Cannot 'Accept Call' or buttons not responding

When a button does not respond in Talkdesk, It may be due to a network block that is occurring most often at a local level.

See the illustration below outlining how a call click is received and connected.


Computer Firewall Block

Please make sure the following ports are open on your computer firewall. 

TCP: 443, 80 outbound and Inbound 

UDP:1,024 - 65,535 Outbound only

More info.

Routers, Firewall, QoS, or Proxy Software Block

Please note that these components can either be software based or physical hardware components that you must configure.

You will need to configure the following.

1. QoS:

Quality of Service Software on a router determines what data is important during high bandwidth times, and it eliminates delays or even changes data to optimize traffic flow. We recommend turning off default router QoS settings unless you have specifically configured QoS using these instructions.


2. Firewalls:

A Firewall on your router is accessible via your router control panel. See your manual for this access. You will need to confirm that your router has the following ports open. 

TCP: 443, 80 outbound and inbound 

UDP:1,024 - 65,535 outbound only

More info.

3. Proxy Server Software:

Proxy Servers route specific traffic and change its content or block its content. Please make sure no proxy server is controlling the ports mentioned above.

Port 80 cannot be proxied on a network with Talkdesk agents.

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