Experiencing delays during calls

Delays may be caused by:

  1. Forwarding Calls to your Talkdesk number from an external system. This does not always cause a problem, but if you are noticing delays on inbound calls only, this may be the cause. We recommend porting the phone number(s) to Talkdesk instead of forwarding. (When forwarding the call routes through your other telecom provider and then to us).
  2. Your network connectivity. If packets of data are traveling farther than expected, being looked at and analyzed for more than the desired amount of time, or are being backed up and possibly queued by bandwidth peaking, then you'll experience delay.
  3. VPN. Routing your voice traffic over a VPN will nearly always introduce an unacceptable delay. Either turn of your VPN completely, or reconfigure clients to not use the VPN for voice calls.

Talkdesk can help identify how much latency your calls have and if this is abnormally high.

Please reach out to Talkdesk Support for help.

Once the results of these tests are received by our team, we will provide suggestions for reducing this latency and improving your overall call quality.

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