Talkdesk Live in Dynamics 365

With Talkdesk Live™ in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can monitor your contact center’s queue performance and agent contact handling in real time using configurable and filterable widgets without having to switch from Dynamics 365.


To use the “Talkdesk Live in Dynamics 365” feature, you need:

  • The Talkdesk Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector 3.0.0 version (or newer) installed in the Dynamics 365 instance.
  • Access to Talkdesk Live in Talkdesk.
  • Single UI view of Talkdesk Embedded must be set to "Conversations only" or "Talkdesk Workspace". Learn more on how to change this setting here.


Accessing Talkdesk Live

To access Talkdesk Live in Dynamics 365, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the Talkdesk App in Dynamics 365.
  2. Click on the Talkdesk Live [1] option in the side menu.

Note: If you aren’t logged in to the CTI yet, the login screen will be presented, and you must log in using your Talkdesk credentials.


Customizing Talkdesk Live 

Through this feature, you have all the Talkdesk Live capabilities available through Dynamics 365, like creating, viewing, filtering, and customizing widgets and dashboards.

To learn more about how to customize Talkdesk Live and its capabilities, please check these knowledge base articles.


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