Talkdesk Activities in Dynamics 365

With the Dynamics 365 Connector integrated with Talkdesk, all the data resulting from calls made through Talkdesk is stored in the “Talkdesk Activity” objects.

The feature is generally available since version of Dynamics 365 connector. To have access to the feature, follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade/Install the latest version of T4D365 solution of Dynamics 365
  2. Contact Talkdesk Support and request the enablement of Talkdesk Activities in your account.
  3. Make sure that the users who need to see Talkdesk Activities have access to the Talkdesk app enabled for their role.  

To see Talkdesk Activities, you must select the Talkdesk app in the App Launcher.



 The system admin user can manage which security roles have permission to enter the app.



 Once you enter the app, a new section called “Talkdesk Activity” will appear. 


Talkdesk Activities and Activity Steps 

In line with the Explore reporting from Talkdesk, in “Talkdesk Activities” there are two types of records storing information about calls: 

  • A Talkdesk Activity is created for each Interaction. 
  • An Activity Step is created for each transfer within that Interaction. 


Talkdesk Activity

Activities at the Interaction level have a unique interaction_id and contain details about each interaction from beginning to end. 

Within the General section of Talkdesk Activities, there are three tables:

  1. The first one groups the general information about the call and stores the interaction_id as the unique identifier of the Talkdesk Activity.
  2. The “Digital Interaction” one shows information about interactions that happen in Talkdesk Digital Channel Engagement product. 
  3. Some metrics about interaction time on the “Time Reports” section.

Within the Details tab, the user can see:

  1. General information about the activity steps involved in this Talkdesk Activity.
  2. Details involving mood score, IVR, and callback.
  3. “Customer Satisfaction”, which registers the agent’s data and the customer’s feedback on the call.
  4. “Speech Analytics”, where the calls’ transcriptions are logged at the end of the interaction.

Note: This is valid for accounts using Talkdesk Copilot with the Transcriptions option enabled.

  1. The URL to access the call recording, if recordings are enabled for the account.
  2. Extra notes added to the Talkdesk Activity.

 Activity Steps

Actions at the activity step level have a unique activity step ID and contain information about the individual contacts themselves. There can be multiple activity steps over the course of a single Interaction. 

Every time the call is added to a queue, or transferred to another agent, a new step will begin, and a new step is created to represent it under the umbrella of the Talkdesk activity created for that call.

In the General tab of the Activity Step record, the user can see general information about the activity step, such as the agent who handled it, the customer information, and the Activity Step ID.

In the “Details” tab, the user is able to see information about step details and SLA compliance (if these are configured on the Talkdesk account), as well as time metrics about the activity step.

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