Missed Attempts Widget

Data Model

Talkdesk Live™’s Missed Attempts is a contacts data model metric.



The “Missed Attempts” widget is powered by the Ring Attempts data set and surfaces users who are ignoring and/or rejecting the contacts the most. Attempts missed with the status "Device Unavailable" are excluded from this widget result because they do not represent work avoidance behavior.



The default name for this widget is Missed Attempts, but you can change it to a custom name of up to 64 characters.


Time Span

The time span for the Missed Attempts metric is “Today”. The starting point for the “Today” time span is midnight of the time zone selected for the dashboard. The time span cannot be modified.


The default visualization for Missed Attempts presents the contact attempts offered to the agents, those missed, and the percentage of missed attempts missed. 

By selecting the user drilldown, the visualization will change to another part of the widget with more granular information about the user. Namely, the contact information, when the contact has finished, the ringing duration, and whether the contact attempt was rejected or ignored. 

To access the drilldown, click on the user name to open the “Agent Details” dashboard, where you’ll find deeper insights into individual agents. Also, if you click in the arrow at the end of the user’s name line, and the widget will show you more detail on each of the missed attempts for that user.


Sort Capabilities

Every field can be sorted except the contact information. 



The threshold is not applied to this widget.  



You can filter the Missed Attempts metric by Teams, Queues, and Missed Type. 

  • Applying only the Queues filter will give you missed contacts attempts in the selected queues in which the contacts were rejected or/and ignored.
  • Applying only the Teams filter will give you contacts missed by the agents in the selected teams, regardless of the queue the missed contacts attempts were rejected or ignored. 
  • Applying only the Missed Type filter will give you only the contacts missed that were ignored or/and rejected, or both, depending on the options that were selected. 
  • Applying the Queues, Teams, and Missed Type filters at the same time will give you the cross-section of all filters: the contacts that were rejected or/and ignored in the selected queues by agents on the selected teams.

See Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview for important information about how widget filters are applied to metrics.



Why do some missed contacts take longer to appear?

The counting of missed attempts is only considered when the contact is finished. For example, callbacks must be complete for the attempt to be counted.

What happens if the same call is ignored/rejected multiple times, sending the caller back to the queue over and over?

Each missed attempt will count on the Missed Attempts widget, increasing the missed attempts to one or to multiple users.

Is there a way to copy the interaction ID for the missed contact?  

Yes. Simply click the copy interaction ID button on the row detail and the system will copy it to the clipboard.

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