Preview Dialer: Overview

Within Talkdesk Dialer™, the preview dialing campaigns allow your agents to review records before starting outbound calls.

When creating an Outbound Dialer campaign, you need to choose a dialing mode and define how you want to select and dial your records. Preview dialing is a dialing mode that allows you, when you dial a call (manually or automatically), to preview the record's data and decide if you want to skip the call or connect it.

Within that preview, your agent has the option to Skip the call (moving to the Preview of the following record) or do the Call. There are two main advantages:

  • Agent starts the call with much more context on the record than in the Predictive Dialer.
  • Preview is easier to be compliant in more scenarios.


What are the differences between Predictive Dialing and Preview Dialing?

To sum up, the predictive dialing engine starts outbound calls automatically from the campaign lists until a call is connected. Therefore, when a campaign is operating in Predictive mode, Talkdesk Dialer will make multiple simultaneous calls, per active agent, increasing the contacts’ number of contacts.

Preview Dialing has a manual approach. Firstly, the preview stage can prepare your agent for more effective calls by providing them with contact data before calls connect.

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