Talkdesk Digital Engagement: Social Messaging Channels for Agents

This article features a guide for Agents to use Digital Engagement's Social Messaging Channels.


Identifying a Digital Conversation 


Facebook Messenger conversations: Identifiable through the blue icon at the top right of the avatar, and will display the contact’s Facebook username and initials.

WhatsApp conversations: Identifiable via the green icon at the top right of the avatar, with the contact name and respective initials of the contact, if the Contact Person already exists in the Contacts app.


Note: If the Contact Person is unknown, no name or initials on the avatar will be presented. Instead, the phone number will appear.


Conversations Panel

Once Digital Conversations are activated in your Talkdesk account*, you can see all incoming conversations, assign specific items, send back to the original queue, or close the conversation whenever the discussion topic is resolved.

All the Digital Messaging conversations that are assigned to you, and those on a queue, will be visible on the “Conversations” panel.

On this panel, you will have the ability to switch between the Inbox and Assigned to you tabs. 


Inbox Tab

After opening the Conversations app, you can access the Inbox tab and see all new incoming Conversations. For detailed information on how to use the Inbox tab, please read this section.


Assigned to You Tab


In the Assigned to you tab, you can open each conversation that has been attributed specifically to you. The tab is also composed by:

  • Conversations counter [1]: Number of conversations available.
  • Channels section: Each active conversation will be grouped in the Assigned to you tab according to the respective channel. This example [2] is of the Facebook Messenger section.
  • Last message [3]: Date of the last message (sent or received).
  • Notifications [4]: For every new unread message within an active conversation, a yellow bubble will indicate the number of unread messages.
  • Message preview [5]: Preview of the last message (sent or received).


Handling Inbound Messages

The handling of inbound messages works similarly for the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp channels. However, WhatsApp already allows to wrap-up conversations, add Notes and Dispositions via the Snapshot area. On Facebook Messenger, this is not yet possible.

The page’s header displays the contact’s name and the touchpoint identification. There is also a search bar, to seek specific content inside the conversation. All messages sent and received are visible on the thread.

You can use the Editor box to write new messages. Press “Enter” on your keyboard to add a new line and “Shift” + “Enter” to send, or just use Send icon (visible in the bottom right corner).

To finish a conversation, click End Chat. If the contact person replies after the conversation is closed, a new conversation will be created.

The option to Send to Inbox is used to unassign a conversation and send it back to the inbox, so another agent can pick it up.


Contextual Tabs

Agents have access to several tabs during a conversation. For more details on the tabs content and availability, please refer to the following article. 


WhatsApp: 24-hour Session

WhatsApp is a highly-regulated channel and there are common key concepts and terms when using the WhatsApp Business API (Talkdesk Solution). 

  • Whenever a contact person messages a brand on its WhatsApp number, it starts a 24-hour session window. 
  • While this session is open, agents can exchange unlimited messages with the contact person. However, once the 24-hour period is over, WhatsApp blocks the conversation. 
  • After the 24-hour session expires, agents will receive a notification on their editor box and this same box will be locked. Agents will not be able to write or send new messages to this contact.
  • Agents will be able to choose whether to close the conversation or wait for a new response from the contact person. As soon as the contact person responds, a new 24-hour session will open and messages can be exchanged once again.

Facebook Messenger: 7-day Session

The same rules about time sessions, described above with WhatsApp, apply to Facebook Messenger, however in this channel the session window is 7 days.



The Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp channels allow agents and the contact person to share attachments between them.

To know more about sending and/or receiving attachments, as well as their formats and accepted sizes, please read this section.

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