Salesforce Enhanced Domains Overview

Note: This article provides information for both Talkdesk for Salesforce and Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice products.

Salesforce (SF) enhanced domains are the current version of My Domain, where all URLs across a Salesforce org contain a company-specific My Domain name. This new feature, which you can learn more about here, changes some domain suffixes, which has some impact on our Salesforce integrations.


What is the impact?

When SF Enhanced Domains are deployed and enabled, in Visualforce pages the word “visual” in the URL is replaced by “vf” and in sandboxes the word “sandbox” is added to all My Domain URLs, including the org’s My Domain login URL.

Below are several examples:


To learn more about sources and full URL changes information, please click here.

This change impacts some features within Talkdesk Preview & Power Dialer for Salesforce™, namely creating/editing Dialer Lists based on list views (check here to know more) and using Custom Modal with URL (for more details on this, check here).

In sandboxes, in addition to the production impacts, the change on the Sandbox Login URL leads to SF data dips and integration automations to stop working. This includes all data exchanges between the SF instance and Talkdesk.


How can you solve this?

In order to maintain all functionalities available on Talkdesk Preview & Power Dialer for Salesforce™, the Remote Site Settings need to be updated as soon as Salesforce enhanced domains are deployed and enabled.

To do so, edit the remote site URL of the “SalesforceApi” remote site, following these steps:


  1. On Salesforce, go to Setup
  2. Search for and select the Remote Site Settings page.
  3. Edit the SalesforceApi remote site URL part “” to “”.


For customers that are using a Custom URL on the Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce pop modal, the URL should be changed following these steps:


  1. Navigate to Talkdesk Admin [1]  > Settings [2].


  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Customize Dialer Pop Modal” section.
  2. Edit the URL where the part “” should be replaced by “”
  3. Click Save.

Sandboxes impact

For customers using Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice (T4SCV), the T4SCV integration needs to be disconnected before repeating the actions detailed below for Talkdesk for Salesforce. To disconnect T4SCV, follow this article.

In order to fix integration automations in sandboxes, the Talkdesk account needs to be re-integrated.

To disconnect and reconnect the account, follow these steps:


  1. On Talkdesk Admin [1], go to the Account tab [2];
  2. Click Disconnect From Talkdesk [3].

To reconnect, on Talkdesk Admin, enter your Talkdesk credentials. Then, review your settings and re-enable automations.

When trying to reconnect, a screen like the one below is prompted regarding Remote Site Settings. Follow these steps:


  1. Without closing the prompt window, go to Remote Site Settings on Salesforce Setup and check the values of the following fields:


  1. Compare the existing values with the ones requested on the prompt window.
  2. Edit the ones with a different value and apply the new expected value as shown on the prompt window. 
  3. Reconnect again.
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