Disconnecting and Uninstalling Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice

This article details the steps necessary to disconnect or completely uninstall Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice.

Before starting, make sure that you have System Administrator permissions in Salesforce and/or the ability to create, update, and delete AppExchange packages.

To minimize the impact, we recommend executing these steps after-hours or during periods of lower call volume.


Disconnecting Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice

To disconnect Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice, follow these steps:

  1. On SCV Talkdesk Admin [1], go to the SCV Setup Data tab [2].
  2. Click the Disconnect from SCV button [3].
  3. Click on Salesforce Setup [4].

After disconnecting, users will lose the Contact Center and SCV Talkdesk Agent permission sets. Users with the SCV Talkdesk Admin permission set will keep it.

Note: Users should refresh their page to lose access to the Omnichannel phone.

  1. Select the Contact Center you disconnected.
  2. Click Delete.

After deleting, the Call Center field associated with the SCV users under Talkdesk Admin > Users will be empty.

To reconnect Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice, follow the “Creating the Contact Center” and “Assigning Contact Center to Users” sections on this article.


Uninstalling Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice

Always disconnect first before uninstalling the managed package by following the steps above.

After disconnecting, if you need to completely uninstall the Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice managed package, follow these steps:

  1. In Setup [1], go to Installed Packages [2].
  2. Click Uninstall [3] next to the Service Cloud Voice for the Talkdesk package.

In the pop-up window, select Save a copy (recommended) and then Uninstall.

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