Using a Custom URL on the Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce pop modal

The Customized URL feature allows you to define a URL to replace the default layout of the contact pop modal, which is displayed while on the dialing process in the Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce.



  • The default modal is based on the Salesforce compact layout selected for each object, taking into account record type assignment. This means that, if you just want to add or remove some fields, you can change the Salesforce compact layout assigned to the object in question.
  • The Customized URL feature was developed to work with Visualforce pages hosted in the same instance of Salesforce. Any other pages can raise security issues for which Talkdesk cannot be held responsible.


  1. Log in to Salesforce and navigate to Talkdesk Admin [1]  > Settings [2].


  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Enable the “Customize Dialer Pop Modal” option by clicking on the toggle [3].

Note: Please make sure that you have already created the Visualforce page you want to use, so that next you can enter the correct and valid URL.

  1. Enter the desired URL [4]. You can use record level variables in the URL through the {field_api_name} notation:
  • The text inside curly brackets will be interpreted as a field belonging to the object that will be queried and replaced on the URL used on the Dialer.
  • While in the preview dialing, the record used to get the variables is the one that generated the line item on the Dialer.
  • If you click on a record on the list, in the Preview or Power Dialer, this will be the record used to get the variables added in the URL.
  1. Click Save [5].
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