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ServiceNow Integration Activation


Activation of the ServiceNow integration for Talkdesk has two parts: installing the ServiceNow application from the ServiceNow Store and setting up your credentials within Talkdesk.


  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation of the Talkdesk app into your ServiceNow environment.
  • Once you have completed that step, log into your Talkdesk account and go to the 'Integrations' tab of the Admin section. Find the ServiceNow integration and click 'Connect':


  •  Fill out the fields with the following information:
    • Instance URL: The full URL of your ServiceNow instance, including the trailing slash. Should look like
    • Client ID and Client Secret: To obtain these, go into your ServiceNow environment, go to the Application Registry component of the System OAuth section and click on Talkdesk. If you see a bar at the top advising you that “This record is in the Talkdesk application,” click on the word “here” at the end of the sentence. Copy your Client ID from the relevant field and paste it into the Client ID field in Talkdesk. Click the lock icon next to the Client Secret field to reveal that value, then copy and paste it into the Client Secret Field in Talkdesk.




  • Username: The username of the ServiceNow user you wish to use for authentication.
  • Password: The password of the ServiceNow user you wish to use for authentication.

Also make sure to activate the following ServiceNow plugin: 



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