[Numbers] Alternative to Dedicated Phone Numbers (Legacy)

Note: Effective June 21, 2021, Talkdesk Classic Inbound Routing will no longer be available to sell to new customers. New customer accounts will only be able to configure inbound routing behavior through Studio.


Dedicated phone numbers offer a simple way to assign a single number to a single agent. However, they do have a drawback: dedicated lines obey account-wide settings without allowing greetings or other customization at the number level except for voicemail greetings, timezone, and business hours. As a result, if you have a waiting queue configured at the account level and someone calls the dedicated line while that agent is already on a call, the new caller will immediately be sent to the waiting queue and start listening to waiting queue music without any context for what is happening.

If you would like for dedicated lines to be more configurable, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can configure a "pseudo-dedicated" number. To do this, take a single ring group that is assigned ONLY to the "dedicated" number and the agent to whom it should be dedicated. For example, John Smith and his dedicated line might each have assigned a ring group called "john smith" that no other agent or number shares. That would make the number only ring him for calls, while granting it the configuration of a non-dedicated line.
  2. You can configure your account-wide settings in Admin > Preferences with dedicated lines in mind. If you then need different behavior from your non-dedicated lines, you can navigate to Admin > Numbers > [Number] > Custom Settings for each of these lines and make the desired changes. This allows you to maintain dedicated lines' default behavior without negatively affecting non-dedicated lines.

There are two things that should be considered with number (1) above:

  • If other agents don't have the scope of voicemails visible to them limited by ring group, they will be able to see all the voicemails on pseudo-dedicated lines. 
    Solution: Navigate to Admin > Roles and Permissions and edit the voicemails' viewership permissions to limit the scope by ring group.


  • If you have granted agents the ability to edit and upload their own voicemail greeting in their agent settings, this greeting will not be applied to the number.
    Solution: The voicemail greeting will have to be uploaded to Admin > Numbers > [Number] > Greetings > Voicemail / Not Answered Message. This will likely have to be configured by the admin.
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