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June 7, 2023

On Wednesday, June 7th, 2023, we will release the following feature the Explore app will be visible in My apps:


  • Explore app: Now, Explore will be visible on My apps, and you can access it. From there, you, as an admin, can manage your Agents.

For more information, please visit this article.


August 10, 2022

On Wednesday, August 10th, 2022, we will release the following features and enhancements in AppConnect MyApps:



  • Detailed order information for self-service expansions: From now on, for AppConnect partner apps, when you add more users than the purchased licenses, you will see a visual indicator in the “Users” management window and a changes summary with the license and price information associated with the expansion. 



  • Auto install rules: When “Auto Install” is enabled in a partner app and a self-service expansion is triggered, the “Changes summary” window will also include information on the auto-installation rules that are enabled, to highlight that those might trigger automatic expansions in the future.
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