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Talkdesk Home is a landing page that provides quick access to training and resource materials to help you leverage the capabilities provided by Talkdesk.


November 24, 2023 | New Talkdesk Home

On Friday, November 24th, 2023, we are releasing a redesign of Talkdesk Home™.

Note: The new Talkdesk Home is readily available to new customers who are onboarded in Talkdesk as of November 24th, 2023. We plan to roll it out to existing customers in 2024 (learn more here). If you have Talkdesk Home Legacy and want to switch over, please contact Talkdesk Support

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The new version provides quick access to training and resource materials to help you best use the capabilities provided by Talkdesk. 

Plus, you can quickly identify where to find features in the Talkdesk workspace.

For more information about Talkdesk Home, please read our documentation.


December 22, 2022 (Talkdesk Home Legacy)

On Thursday, December 22nd, 2022, we will release the following enhancement in Talkdesk Home™ :



  • Rename of Missed Contacts Card: The “Missed Contacts” card will be renamed as “Missed Attempts” to better align with the underlying data set of Ring Attempts. The card’s functionality will not change.


May 23, 2022 (Talkdesk Home Legacy)

On Monday, May 23rd, 2022, Talkdesk is introducing new features and enhancements to Talkdesk Home (for Supervisors).




  • “Missed Contacts” Card: This card surfaces users with the highest counts of missed calls for the day, including those ignored and rejected, to help Supervisors target hotspots on which to follow up. Detailed information for each missed call is provided with the contact phone number, a timestamp, and the ring duration.


  • “Sentiment Monitor” Card Drills: Two new drills on the “Sentiment Monitor” card provide opportunities to investigate interaction details including utterances, sentiment by utterance, intents, and more.  A new drill “View more activity” navigates to Talkdesk Interaction Analytics™, and a new transcript icon on each sentiment row opens the Transcription panel directly on Home.


March 4, 2022 (Talkdesk Home Legacy)

On Friday, March 4th, 2022, Talkdesk is introducing new features and enhancements to Home (for Supervisors).



  • Filter Bar: A new bar to improve visibility of the “Team” and “Queue” filters in effect and easily remove selected filters.
  • “Sentiment Monitor” Card: The “Sentiment Monitor” card shows interactions with the worst sentiment for the day, based on AI analysis of speech transcriptions, to help Supervisors target hotspots on which to follow up.
  • Drill to Talkdesk Guardian™: Now, on the "Logged-in Users" card, it is possible to drill directly to Guardian to view expanded session activity for users. 



  • “Team” Filter Expansion: “Team” filters are expanded to include the “Logged-in Users” card.
  • “Queue” Filter Expansion: “Queue” filters are expanded to include the “User Status” card.


December 16, 2021 (Talkdesk Home Legacy)

On Thursday, December 16th, 2021, we will release Talkdesk Home. 

Home is a personalized landing page for Supervisors and offers team-focused views and quick actions for key tactical areas to manage in the contact center. It also serves as a jumping-off point for complex actions that span multiple Talkdesk Workspace™ applications. 

By aggregating data from across both core Contact Center, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Workforce Engagement (WEM) applications (i.e., Quality Management, Guardian, and Feedback, among others) Home highlights the important hotspots and conditions that require immediate attention and action.

With this release, Home is optimized for Supervisors with pre-configured information focused at the team and queue level. In the future, alternate views will be available for Agent and Administrator roles, surfacing their highest priority work. 


What’s included

The release includes the following features:

  • Filter the information: By clicking on the Filters button, the data displayed in the cards is filtered according to the filters that have been applied. 
  • View informational cards: A dashboard of cards with a unified view of operational data sets across Contact Center, AI, and WEM applications:
      • “User Status” card: The “User Status” card allows identifying and correcting the agents who have been using a specific status for too long. 
      • “Queued Contacts” card: The “Queued Contacts” shows the queue(s) with the highest number of waiting calls, and adds urgency to those backed up.
      • “Service Levels” card: The “Service Levels” card shows how the queues are performing, using three popular measurement methods. 
      • “Logged-in Users” card: The “Logged-in Users” card is developed in collaboration with the Talkdesk Guardian™ application and surfaces login timestamps along with the running duration of agents logged in.
      • “Evaluation Results” card: The “Evaluation Results” card data comes from the Talkdesk Quality Management™ application and helps to identify the agents with recent poor evaluations to address critical quality issues.
      • “CSAT Results” card: The “CSAT Results” card is powered by the Talkdesk Feedback™ application and shows the lowest CSAT scores received after an interaction, allowing rapid same-day follow-up.


How to install

Home should be installed by default for all Talkdesk accounts.

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