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Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ is a solution with out-of-the-box integrations powered by Talkdesk AI and state-of-the-art encryption. For more information, please visit our Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud documentation.


June 13, 2024

On Thursday, June 13th, 2024, we are releasing the following in Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Banking:



  • Dispute Transactions Autopilot: Template designed to simplify implementing the self-service dispute resolution process for FSEC banking clients. With this feature, you can create your Autopilot, customized to your needs.
  • Travel Notifications Autopilot: This feature is designed to enhance customer experience by preventing account blockages during travel.



  • Search Check Capability: Agents can search for specific checks directly within our workspace, without accessing the banking core.
  • Pre-built Autopilots: Ready-to-use conversation flow templates for both voice and digital autopilot allow customers to search for a check and stop payment, speeding a smoother implementation for FSEC banking clients.
  • Expanded Stop Payment Functionality: The stop payment feature has been extended, allowing the agent to complete it inside the workspace.


March 4, 2024 - Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Banking

On Monday, March 4th, 2024, we will release the following new features in Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Banking.


  • Q2 Integration: This revolutionary feature is designed to enhance client engagement within the banking environment, by seamlessly embedding the Talkdesk chat widget into the Q2 home online banking and mobile applications. Clients can initiate chat conversations to perform self-service tasks and/or contact customer service representatives directly within their banking applications. The integration enables clients to ask questions or request assistance without interrupting their banking experience, ensuring a seamless transition from self-service to personalized support.

  • Customizable Canvas in the Workspace: The incorporation of a customizable canvas from Workspace Designer aims to empower agents by providing an additional flexible card within the workspace, enabling the visualization of extra information, specific to the client business. With this feature, the card can be populated either with information sourced from banking cores via our FSEC APIs or from any other system, through Connections. Moreover, the flexibility extends to the ability to rearrange the order of this card, mirroring the behavior of existing Client 360 cards. This becomes particularly advantageous when agents utilize the client 360 view during chat interactions, ensuring a seamless experience without the need for scrolling. As an additional benefit, it is possible to control the visibility of this card based on specific parameters such as account, ring group, or agent. This customizable setting, integral to the implementation phase, provides a tailored approach to optimize workspace dynamics for each user.

  • Stop a Payment: The Stop Payment feature is designed to empower bank clients and credit union members with greater control over their account transactions. With this feature, customers can initiate a stop payment request for paper checks, check sequences, or ACH transactions through the self-service digital platform. Customers can initiate stop payments for paper checks or ACH transactions using the digital platform, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Adding the Stop Payment use case to our virtual agent library enables customers to navigate the stop payment process seamlessly, providing step-by-step guidance. Customers can prevent unauthorized or erroneous payments by initiating stop payments for paper checks or ACH transactions, enhancing account security.

For more information, please check our  Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud documentation.

June 7, 2023 - Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Banking

On Wednesday, June 7th, 2023, we will release new features and enhancements for Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking.


  • Internal Transfer of Funds: Customers can now transfer funds between their accounts or to a different customer within the same bank, by speaking with an agent directly or through self-service options:
  • External Transfer of Funds: Customers can now transfer funds from one account to another institution by speaking with an agent directly or through self-service options:
  • Card Detail Side Panel: A new side panel within Workspace now shows new and relevant card information.
  • Deactivate a Card: Agents can deactivate a customer card and mark it as “Canceled”, “Lost”, or “Stolen” using Banking Agent Workspace.
  • Restricted Accounts UI: This feature enables customers to hide or restrict account information from agents. This ensures compliance with internal privacy rules for certain clients, such as board members or VIP customers.
  • Account Details Side Panel: A new side panel within Workspace now shows new and relevant account information with the possibility to add and display custom data fields.
  • Loan Accounts Management: Agents can now easily consult any loans or mortgage information during an interaction. This includes loan balances, upcoming and past due payments, and even payoff quotations.
  • Payoff Quotation: Within Workspace, agents are now able to quote payoff amounts for loan and mortgage products in a single view. This saves time and effort by no longer needing to switch to the core banking system or secondary calculation solution to gather that information.



  • Membership Date: We are now bringing the client membership date from the core and presenting it on the “Client Details” card. This way, agents will no longer need to jump into the banking core to calculate it. 


December 16, 2021 - Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Banking

On Thursday, December 16th, 2021, we will release Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking.

Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking is an end-to-end solution that’s connected, intelligent, and secure. It features banking-specific capabilities that empower agents to communicate with clients in a more personalized way. With out-of-the-box integrations, artificial intelligence, and state-of-the-art encryption, it helps banks unlock the promise and potential of a great client experience.


What’s Included

The release includes the following main features:

  • Banking Workspace: Tailored for banking agents, Banking Workspace features a unified dashboard displaying key client information (for example, demographic information, transaction details, and account status) on the back of integrated core banking systems. With an extensive view of clients in place, Banking Workspace helps agents handle requests with more personalized conversations, greatly lowering average handle time.
  • Cobrowse: Assists clients with complicated requests through screen sharing. Agents can see and interact with the client's view, as they are able to highlight an area of the shared screen, helping agents quickly navigate to a specific place on your website, and more.
  • Video Chat: Provides a better conversational and interactive experience for your client through video calls with higher security.
  • Banking Connector: Out-of-the-box integrations with core banking systems, supporting Banking Workspace, Visual IVR, and Payments and Collections Reminders with key client data, such as contact information, transactions, and due or upcoming payments.
  • Branded and Verified Calls: Makes verified calls to gain trust among clients and improves call answer rates through the display of the bank’s logo, reason for calling, and symbol showing the caller is verified by the telecom.
  • Payments and Collections Reminders: Sets up customized, proactive SMS text notifications to remind clients of their upcoming payments, outstanding balance, and more.
  • Visual IVR: A self-service tool for your clients that provides an SMS link after they are prompted, for a visual experience. It provides a browser experience without needing to download any software.
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