Talkdesk Conversation Orchestrator: Overview

Talkdesk Conversation Orchestrator™ enables you to stream the agent and/or caller audio in real-time.

It streams voice calls efficiently, securely, and in a scalable way, to different internal and external customer applications, through standard APIs using Studio components. 

Conversation Orchestrator can be connected to various types of features and applications, such as Autopilot, Copilot, voice biometrics, voice transcription/translation, and real-time voice/speech analytics. Customers and partners can then have secure access to the raw audio stream of any phone call using these features and applications. 

Talkdesk Conversation Orchestrator supports multiple unidirectional streams that can be used by other applications to do intent detection, speech-to-text, and voice biometrics,  among other use cases. It also supports one bidirectional stream where an Autopilot can participate in a conversation.


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