Embedding Webforms in Your Website with Talkdesk Cases

Talkdesk Cases allows you to embed webforms in your website. This way, your customer can reach you with questions or requests hassle-free. 


Enabling “Editable for contacts”

If you want your webforms to be fillable by costumers or contacts, the option “Editable for contacts” must be selected in both Case Fields and Case Forms.


For both cases, please follow these steps: 


  1. Go to the Talkdesk Cases page, and click the gear icon [1] to access “Configurations”. 
  2. Click Manage [2].
  3. Then, by clicking either Case Fields or Case Forms, you will be taken to the respective editing page. In this case, Case Forms.


4. Click the settings button [3] on the right side of the Case Form, and then Edit[4].


5. Select the “Editable for contacts” [5] option. Be sure to enable the option for Case Fields as well, following roughly the same path. 


Creating a Webform


  1. Go to the Talkdesk Cases page and click the gear icon [1] to access “Configurations”. 
  2. Click the Webforms tab [2].
  3. Click on the Add webform button [3].


Fill in the necessary information:

  • Select a case form.

Note: To learn more about case forms, read this article.

  • Select a language.
      • Users can view the localized version of the webform by choosing their preferred language.
  • Select a touchpoint, which will receive all the emails produced by the webform.

Note: To learn more about touchpoints, consult this article.

  • Enter the URL link of the hosting website. 
  • Click the Save button.

Tip: You can preview your webform by clicking the eye icon that appears next to the “Select a form” field after you select a form. 


After you click Save, an HTML code pops up. Copy it and ask your engineers to place the code in the HTML of the hosting website between the <body> and </body> tags. 

The div tag with the ID  image6.png is the container that wraps the webform. Your engineers can use it to customize the size and style of the container. 

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