Using Multiple Tabs to Manage Cases

With Multiple Tabs in Talkdesk Cases™, each time an Agent opens a case processing page, Talkdesk displays it as a tab in a collapsed side panel. When the Agent leaves the page, the case tab remains in the side panel. In other words, the case processing page is not actually closed and will not be closed until the Agent chooses to do so.

As such, it enables Agents to handle multiple cases at the same time with ease and speed, improving efficiency and reducing time to resolution.

Specifically, the Multiple Tabs feature allows Agents to do the following:

  • Quickly switch between cases.
  • Work on multiple cases simultaneously.
  • View general information of opened cases in Tab Manager.

Switching between Tabs in the Collapsed Side Panel

After you open the case processing pages of multiple cases in Talkdesk Cases, they are displayed as tabs in the collapsed side panel.

Note: A single case cannot have two identical tabs reserved. Namely, If an Agent clicks a case in a case view that has already existed as a tab in the collapsed side panel, the Agent is directed to the existing tab without a new tab created.


  1. Hold the pointer over a tab, which displays a card [1] with basic information about the case, such as “Case ID”, “Priority”, “Requester”, and “Subject”.
  2. To switch to a different tab, click it in the collapsed side panel.
  3. The collapsed side panel can display up to ten tabs. If you open more tabs, they are not displayed. Instead, you can see the number of them at the end of the tab list [2]. Clicking the number directs you to Tab Manager, where you can see all tabs and navigate to any case you want.
  4. To close a tab, hold the pointer over it, and click × in the upper-right corner of the tab [3]. To remove all tabs at once, click × in the collapsed side panel [4].

Using Tab Manager


  1. Click image-2.png in the upper-left corner [1] to expand the side panel.Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_17.39.03.png
  2. Go to the Tab Manager tab [2], where you can see all case tabs with their basic information.
  3. To quickly navigate to a case, click a tab [3].
  4. To reorder a tab, hold the pointer over it, and drag the six-dot icon image-4.png [4].
  5. To close a tab, hold the pointer over it, and click × [5]. To remove all tabs at once, click × at the top of the tab list [6].

Note: If a case is deleted by an Agent when another Agent has already opened the case which exists as a tab in Tab Manager, the Agent will be prompted that the case has been deleted when clicking the case (it appears dimmed). The case tab will then be closed automatically.

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