Searching for Cases

Talkdesk Cases provides Agents with two major ways to search for cases that meet certain criteria: Search Box and Filters.

Using the Search Box to Search for Cases

The search box on the action bar provides an easy way to help find cases that Agents need.


  1. Go to a case view [1].
  2. On the action bar, click the search box [2] without entering any search text, and then you can see a list showing your latest 5 search queries [3] under “RECENTLY SEARCHED”. Clicking a search query allows you to make the same search again. All users can only see their respective search history, regardless of their roles. To delete the search history, click Clear [4].Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_17.24.24.png
  3. Click Search preferences [5], check the property [6] you want to use as the search base, and then click Apply [7].Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_17.24.43.png
  4. Enter a search term into the search box [8], and then press the “Enter” key to perform a search. The search is case-insensitive. Search results display all the cases whose selected properties (namely, properties checked in Search preferences) contain the search term.
  5. To clear the search results and go back to the previous case view, click × in the search box [9].

Applying Filters to Search for Cases

The search through filters is performed based on the values of case fields. More specifically, filters help Agents search a view for cases whose case fields are set to certain values. Agents can filter cases by standard fields and custom fields.Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_17.25.03.png

  1. Go to a case view [1].
  2. On the action bar, click Filters [2], and then a side panel appears, which allows you to filter cases by case fields.Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_17.25.26.png
  3. Select the value for one or multiple case fields [3]. To quickly find a filter, use the search box [4] at the top of the panel.
  4. When you’re done, click Apply [5].image-5.png
  5. After filters are applied, you can see a badge count on the Filters button [6] displaying the number of filters being used for the search results.image-6.png
  6. To clear filters and go back to the previous case view, click Filters again, select Clear [7] in the panel that appears, and then click Apply [8].

Note: You can also use filters to create custom views. However, search queries cannot be used to create views. For more information, see Using and Managing Case Views.

To obtain the most relevant search results, you can use the search box first, and then filter your search results, or vice versa.

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