Syncing Dialer List Records between Salesforce and Talkdesk

The dialer list sync feature applies to customers using both Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce™ and Talkdesk Dialer (formerly known as Talkdesk Outbound Dialer). 

This feature allows you to create a dialer list in Salesforce based on your Salesforce record list views, and then sync that list to Talkdesk, creating a list on the Talkdesk side with those same records. 

To sync a dialer list, you first need to create one. To create a dialer list, follow the steps outlined in How to Use Salesforce Dialer Lists.


Enabling and Disabling Dialer List Sync

To see if a dialer list is synced with Talkdesk, go to the dialer lists view in the tab Dialer lists and look for the value in the column Talkdesk Sync Status.


Use the following information to read the icons:

image7.png The list is syncing with Talkdesk and was synced successfully.
image6.png The list is syncing with Talkdesk and was synced with sync errors last time.
image11.png The list is syncing with Talkdesk and currently updating in Talkdesk.
image10.pngimage8.png The list was once synced with Talkdesk, but now is not syncing.
image3.png The list was never synced with Talkdesk.


In this column, you can also see the date and time at which the list was last synced with Talkdesk. 

There are several ways to enable or disable the list syncing feature, explained below: 


  1. From the list view in Salesforce, select the lists you want to sync, then click on the Enable Talkdesk Sync [1] button for those lists to start syncing.
  2. To disable the syncing process, select the lists you want to stop syncing and click the Disable Talkdesk Sync [2] button.


  1. When creating a dialer list, select the checkbox “Sync with Talkdesk’s Outbound Dialer” to start syncing the list from the moment it is created in Salesforce.


  1. Edit the dialer list details and check the checkbox “Talkdesk Sync” to true if you want to start syncing the list or to false if you want to stop syncing the list.


  • When a list is synced for the first time, a new list will be created in the Talkdesk Dialer (formerly known as Talkdesk Outbound Dialer) with the Salesforce records that were part of the dialer list at the time of sync time.
  • Every time a record is added or removed from a dialer list in Salesforce, that record will also be added or removed from the corresponding list in Talkdesk Dialer.
  • If the sync is disabled for a dialer list that was syncing, the updates made to that list in Salesforce will no longer be reflected in the corresponding list in Talkdesk Dialer.
  • If the sync is enabled after being disabled, the list in Talkdesk Dialer will be updated with the records that have been added in Salesforce, but not the ones that have been removed since the last sync. 
  • If a dialer list is deleted from Salesforce, it remains in Talkdesk Dialer.


Identify and solve list sync errors

When a list is synced with errors, it will be shown by the icon in the Talkdesk sync status on dialer lists tab. To identify the errors and re-sync, follow these steps:


  1. Go to the dialer list record page and click on the Sync Errors [1] tab.
  2. In this tab, you will be able to see which records did not sync to Talkdesk and the reason why in the “Error Feedback” column.
  3. Solve any issues in the records, if the option is available. Then remove the record from the list and add it again to force the sync. 
  4. When ready, click on the Sync [2] button to re-sync the list and wait to see if all records with errors are now synced successfully. 
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