Patient 360: App Management

Talkdesk Healthcare Provider Workspace empowers agents to quickly access a patient’s information, and so provide them with expert and efficient care. It works mainly through the Patient 360 app.

Note: Talkdesk Healthcare Provider Workspace is available to healthcare providers using the Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud for Providers™. Enablement and setup are all performed by Talkdesk.

When you have successfully gone through the installation and enablement process, you can proceed to set up the Patient 360 app. Make sure, first, that you have the Conversations app installed.


Managing the Patient 360 app

The Patient 360 app is installed by Talkdesk. You’ll be able to find the app in the My Apps section of Talkdesk main.

To manage users, follow these steps:


  1. Go to My Apps and click on the settings icon [1] in the Patient 360 square to access the app’s management page. 


  1. Click Users [2]. Select the users you wish to grant access to the app. 
  2. Click Save Changes. 

To make full use of the Patient 360 app, you must first configure a Studio flow using Epic integration. Read our article Healthcare Use Case: Retrieving Patient Medical Records and Syncing with Talkdesk to learn how to do this.

For more information about the Healthcare Provider Workspace and the Patient 360 app, read Using Healthcare Provider Workspace.

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