Copilot: Knowledge Recommendations

Talkdesk Copilot™ automatically provides precise and contextual answers to customers’ questions.

These answers can come directly from Talkdesk Knowledge Management™ Cards, and/or from a third-party Knowledge Base using external source connectors as described in this article. 

The usage of Knowledge Management Cards is highly recommended to get the best performance out of Copilot. They are designed to work smoothly with Conversational AI systems, hence guaranteeing higher contextual accuracy. 


With Knowledge Management, content editors can:

  • Connect an answer Card to an intent from the Copilot intent model. For example, a user can train an intent to capture situations in which customers request more information on how to redeem a travel voucher. They can create a Card with the procedure Agents should follow to redeem a voucher, and connect it to that intent. This guarantees that whenever the intent is detected (detection confidence thresholds can be set via AI Trainer), the Agent will provide an answer. See more information in the “Managing Cards with Intents” section of this article.


As shown in the example above, the user wanted to know how to redeem a travel voucher. Then, a recommendation is generated in Copilot.


After selecting the recommendation, the corresponding Card from Knowledge Management shown above appears, providing the procedure Agents should follow to redeem a voucher.


Above, you can see how the content editors view the information in Knowledge Management.


By clicking on the Card Settings tab, you can see that it is connected to a specific intent.

  • Create answer variations, according to the context of the interaction: As an example, imagine that the procedure to redeem a travel voucher is different according to the reseller and that each reseller has a dedicated line connected to a separate ring group in Talkdesk. Within the same Card, you can create different variations according to the reseller, and match them with the appropriate ring group through Card settings.

Connecting a Card to an intent is the best way to guarantee answer relevance. However, Copilot will also be able to find answers across the Card library, even if no intent model is in use. 

In case you are using a third-party Knowledge Base (an external knowledge source), such as Confluence or Salesforce, Copilot will scan all the connected articles and extract only the relevant snippets that contain the answer to what is being discussed in the conversation. 

Note: Please consider that agent speech will only be considered for card recommendations based on intent. Consider, for example, a scenario where you would like an agent to see a “Refunds process” card whenever the agent mentions “I will open a refund request” during a call. You should train an intent for this purpose, and connect it to the card in Knowledge Management.


Using Bookmarks

When recommendations are generated during a conversation, Agents are able to bookmark them and access them later through the Bookmarks menu:


Users can click on the Bookmark icon to save a recommendation.


Bookmarked answers can be accessed at any time via the “Bookmarks” menu (accessible through the icon next to the search bar).

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