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Automatic Relate To for Dialer Calls


This feature is available for customers using Preview and Power Dialer for Salesforce or the Talkdesk Outbound Dialer™ integrated with Salesforce. 

This new setting can be enabled or disabled. When enabled, it ensures that all calls you make through the Preview and Power Dialer for Salesforce or the Talkdesk Outbound Dialer are automatically related to the Salesforce record in question. This connection will be displayed in Talkdesk activity.


Enable Automatic Relate To

To enable this functionality, make sure you have Preview and Power Dialer for Salesforce enabled and set up in your org. Then, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to Talkdesk Lightning app and click on Talkdesk Admin [1]
  2. Select the  Dialer tab [2]


  1. Scroll down to “Other Configurations” and set the toggle for “Enable Dialer Automatic Relate To” to “Enabled” [3].


Troubleshooting and Using Automatic Relate To for Dialer

When this feature is enabled, Talkdesk activity will be automatically associated with any Salesforce records you call. To see the association between activity and record, please follow these steps:


  1. Add Talkdesk Activities to objects (Account/Contact/Case/Lead/Opportunity):
    1. Go to "Setup" and select Object Manager [1].


    1. Search for the Object type (e.g. Account) and click on Page Layout [2].
    2. Select “Related Lists” from the drop-down menu[3].
    3. Drag and drop Talkdesk Activities [4].

To check if the relationship was correctly established, go to the Talkdesk activity related list. After making a dialer call, this is what you should be able to see:


The Talkdesk activity, corresponding to that call, will appear in the related list of Talkdesk activities on the record page for the record called.


  • When using this functionality with Talkdesk Outbound Dialer, if you are importing Salesforce record lists as csv files, make sure to include the correct Salesforce record ID in a column in the csv file. 
  • The call will always be related with the record called. For example, if you are using Cases, although the call is placed to the phone number of the contact associated with the case, the Talkdesk activity will be related to the case and not the contact record.
  • If you selected the object type “Lead”, no related calls will be shown; only Talkdesk activity.
  • Talkdesk activity is only created at the end of the call, so the automatic relate to will only happen at that time.
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