Getting Started with AI Trainer

Talkdesk AI Trainer enables clients to automate their contact center in a better and faster way. For example, it allows agents and supervisors to improve the suggestions agents get on their screens during a call, by reviewing sentences and intents and improving AI (artificial intelligence) model through clicks, rather than code.

An AI (artificial intelligence) model is a mathematical algorithm that is “trained” using data and human expert input, to replicate a decision an expert would make when provided that same information.

With AI Trainer, you can improve the automation present on Talkdesk products such as Copilot, Knowledge Management, Interaction Analytics, or Autopilot. Admins and Supervisors can review sentences and add improvements to them, thus training the system to better understand the intents and the words mentioned and transcribed during each contact center interaction.


The application also ensures that multiple agents can work together to develop a consensus about each AI model improvement, allowing supervisors to focus on reviewing suggestions and deploying the right one.


Before accessing the AI Trainer app, please make sure that the app is enabled for you and that you have access to it.

To benefit from using AI Trainer, you need to configure the required AI models via AI Launchpad.

Accessing and Managing the App

To access AI Trainer, please follow these steps:



1. After logging in as Admin, select My Apps [1]. A pop-up window appears.

2. Click on AI Trainer [2].

Configuring access and permissions

To manage which team members have access to AI Trainer, please follow these steps:


1. After logging in as Admin, select My Apps [1]. A pop-up window appears.

2. Click on AI Trainer [2].


3. Select the desired users or groups [3].

4. Click Save changes [4].

Accessing the app


By clicking on the AI Trainer icon in My Apps, you will be taken to the AI Trainer home page where, if the prerequisite setup is done, you should see models available to be trained. When all configurations are done, you can start taking advantage of AI Trainer.

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