Talkdesk Identity: Overview

Talkdesk Identity™ consists of the following features:

  • Active and Passive Voice Authentication:
    Ability to leverage voice as an authentication factor. I.e. validating if the inbound callers are who they say they are by having them repeat a passphrase on an IVR and/or having them just speak normally (i.e. without any text dependency on a passphrase) while on a live call, and compare the user’s voice against a stored voiceprint for that user.


  • Phone Validation:
    Ability to validate the number used by inbound callers in terms of profile and risk, while delivering those insights to the agent picking up the call and making them available to be leveraged as variables within Talkdesk Studio, for conditional-based routing purposes.
    External facing API can be called upon to deliver that same profile and risk insights to a number or array of numbers, enabling the integration with 3rd party systems.


  • Spoofing Detection:
    Ability to detect the likelihood of a caller’s ID having been spoofed, displaying that information to the agent picking up the call,and making those insights available to be leveraged as variables within Talkdesk Studio, for conditional-based routing purposes.


How does Identity work? 

When a caller reaches your contact center and the call is assigned to an agent, the agent can see, in Conversations in the “Identity” tab, the caller’s available data in real-time. 

The first section you see is “Voice authentication,” where you’ll perform the authentication questions and collect the caller’s consent to start the enrollment process. 

The “Phone Validation” section shows you the background check that was automatically performed on the caller’s phone number.

Finally, the “Spoofing Detection” indicates potential scammers, warning you when the caller may not be the one that is displayed on the caller ID.

This information is also immediately available within the Identity app itself, where you’ll be able to compare risk scores and decide which actions you or your agents need to take. 


Configuring Identity

To configure the Spoofing detection and Phone validation features in Identity, it is necessary to configure the Validate phone component in Studio. Afterwards, both the Conversations and Identity apps will display the insights corresponding to the callers' phone numbers.


The setup of the Voice authentication feature consists of the following steps: 

  1. Configuration of the Authenticate voice and Enroll voice components in Studio.
  2. Voice enrollment through Conversations (only for first-time users that decide to opt into the feature) and subsequent monitorization of the caller’s authentication in the next calls.
  3. Live supervision of enrollments and authentications in the Identity app.

Please check the Identity configuration articles for more information on the features' setup.  

For additional support, please contact Talkdesk Support.

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