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Talkdesk Guardian Identity: Overview



Note: Guardian Identity is Early Access; please reach out to your sales rep or Talkdesk Support for more information.


Talkdesk Guardian Identity enables your contact centers’ callers to securely authenticate using their voice.

This new Guardian add-on is aimed at addressing phone fraud detection and providing a more secure authentication solution. 

Through a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant sign-up process, a speech voiceprint is created, encrypted, and stored for future voice verification when the user opts in.


How does Guardian Identity work? 

When a caller reaches your contact center and the call is assigned to an agent, the agent can see, in Callbar/Conversations, whether the caller has already been enrolled for voice biometrics. If the caller hasn’t been enrolled yet, the agent will ask whether the caller would like to opt in to the feature. If the caller accepts, the agent can click a link and flag the call in Callbar/Conversation, which will then take the caller to the voice enrollment step that will imprint the voice into the system.

The next time a call from this person reaches your contact center, it is routed to the validation step, where the caller supplies the voice passphrase. This voice sample is validated against the pre-registered voiceprint and, if successfully authenticated, the caller is routed into the pre-configured Studio flow for authenticated users. When the call is assigned to the agent, Callbar/Conversations will display a successful authentication status message and the agent will be able to proceed with the call. 

In case the authentication isn’t successful, the call will follow the flow defined in the Studio Voice Authentication and Voice Enrollment components.


Configuring Guardian Identity

The Guardian Identity authentication feature consists of the following steps: 

  1. Configuration of the Voice Authentication and Voice Enrollment components in Studio.
  2. Voice enrollment through Callbar (only for first-time users that decide to opt-in to the feature). 
  3. Live monitoring in Guardian, under the “Identity” menu entry. 

Please check the Guardian Identity configuration article for more information on the feature’s setup.  

For more information on this product, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.

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