Copilot: Enabling a Transcription Language

To configure Talkdesk Copilot™ for the first time, or to update its setup,  you can leverage the following Admin tool:  Talkdesk AI Launchpad

AI Launchpad allows you to define the transcription languages which will empower Copilot capabilities, such as knowledge suggestions, automations, or after-call work accelerators.

Copilot real-time transcriptions are disabled by default upon a new contract or a contract renewal if Copilot wasn’t priorly installed in your account. To enable it, you can use AI Launchpad and select different languages, as well as the situations to which these configurations apply, i.e., to define whether the same language is used by all the agents, or only by a specific ring group or number, and define even which call direction(s) you’d like to blanket with live transcription.


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