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Using Talkdesk Guardian


Talkdesk Guardian™ is automatically installed in your account. However, depending on the account's status, it may take some time for the app to start showing.

You can access the app by:


1. Selecting My Apps [1].

2. Clicking on Guardian [2].



  • All users included in the top default “Administrator” role will have access to Guardian under My Apps.


If you would like to know more about downloading and managing apps in your Talkdesk account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Accessing Talkdesk Guardian

Users in the Admin role have access to Guardian by default, and are able to assign users (who need access to Guardian) to custom roles, and assign them permissions to the app.

To grant Guardian-related permissions, please follow these steps:


1. Log in to your Talkdesk account and select Admin [1].

2. Click on Roles [2].

3. Select the “pencil” icon [3] to grant permissions to a member of your team. A new pop-up window will appear.



4. Click on the “Guardian” tab [4].

5. Tick on the actions [5] you want to provide access to.

6. When you’re done, select Save [6].


Managing Talkdesk Guardian


1. Select "Applications" to allow users in the respective role to see the link My apps.

2. Tick the "Create" permission to allow users in the respective role to install workspace apps into the account.

3. Click the "Update" permission to allow users in the respective role to have access to the app’s settings within the workspace.









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