Using Dynamics 365 Click-to-Call and Contact Pop

The Click-to-Call feature allows you to call any customer directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a single click. Additionally, the Contact Pop allows agents to pop the Dynamics 365 contacts page by clicking the contact pop icon in Conversations.



To use both CTI based features, please make sure you have enabled Talkdesk CTI within your Dynamics 365 integration, by checking the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Activation article, which will guide you through:

  • The Channel Integration Framework installation.
    • Note that Dynamics 365 Channel Integration works only with Unified Interface apps, and
    • Talkdesk for Dynamics 365 is restricted to Version 1 of Dynamics 365 Channel Integration.
  • Your Talkdesk account setup to enable CTI for Dynamics 365.


  • To properly fetch and hyperlink phone numbers for use with Talkdesk Click-to-Call, these must be specified in Dynamics 365 either in international, national formatting, or in the standard E.164 format i.e., the plus sign (+), country code, area code, and number. If you need to provide a number in local national format, you should also specify the country as an optional parameter.



You are able to call customers from within Dynamics 365 via the Click-to-Call feature. In order to use this, follow the next steps:

  1. Log in with your Talkdesk account in the CTI integration [1].

  1. Check if you see the green icon followed by “Connected“ [2]. Make sure that Conversations doesn’t display any warning, and is also showing the “Available” status.

  1. In Dynamics 365, navigate to Contacts [3] and then to a Contact record [4].
  2. Inside the contact, click on the phone icon [5]. It will trigger the call in Conversations [6].

Note: In “Views”, number type fields are presented as a link, but they do not communicate with the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration, meaning that it will not trigger the call in Conversations. The click-to-call via Talkdesk CTI within the Dynamics 365 integration is currently available only in “Forms”, such as Contacts or Cases.

Contact Pop

Upon an inbound call, Conversations will start ringing and showing standard information about the incoming call, such as the caller’s number and Call ID. If the incoming number is on the Talkdesk’s database and in sync with your Dynamics 365 instance.

  1. Click on the contact pop icon in Conversations [1] to open the contact in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Once clicked, the contact page is opened in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
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