Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Activation

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To fully install and configure the Dynamics 365 connector, you will need to gather some data from the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The following list tells you the requirements:

  • Information about the Microsoft tenant:
    • Account name.
    • Tenant ID.
    • Dynamics 365 URL.
  • To connect Talkdesk Connector to Dynamics 365 you need to register an app in the Azure Active Directory. For this, you need:
    • Client ID.
    • Client secret.
  • While registering the app, give it permission to access Dynamics CRM data.
  • On the Microsoft Dynamics 365 side, configure the new app with a Security role. This will let you determine what information and data the external application has access to.
  • Finally, configure an S2S user in Dynamics 365 with a Security Role.

This information is necessary for the Talkdesk Connector to establish a connection to the correct Dynamics 365 instance.



The following steps are required to finish installing and activating the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations:

  1. Install Channel Integration Framework. 
  2. Install T4D365 solution.
  3. Go to the T4D365 configuration page.
  4. Configure the Channel Integration Framework.
  5. Create an app in your Azure account. By the end of this step, you will have:
    • A new app registered in the Azure Active Directory
    • The corresponding client ID and client secret.
    • The tenant ID.
    • The app, with API permissions to Dynamics CRM.
  6. Add a CRM Application User, after which you will have a server-to-serve (S2S) app configured inside Dynamics 365 with a Security role to access the necessary data.
  7. For the final step, set up your Talkdesk account. This will leave you with:
    • The Dynamics 365 Connector is installed in the Talkdesk account.
    • The Dynamics 365 Connector configured with success.

Note: To enable the integration, customers should contact Talkdesk Support to request the enablement in their account and sharing of the T4D365 solution.

Implementation - Microsoft side

Installing the Channel Integration Framework

Talkdesk for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CTI requires you to install the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework.  Please refer to Get Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework 1.0 to learn how.


Solution Package Installation

Note: Starting with Talkdesk Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 3.2.2., the package can be installed directly in Microsoft AppSource.

  1. Go to Microsoft AppSource and search for “Talkdesk connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365”.

2. Select “Get it now”. This action will take you to your Power Platform Admin Center.


3. Select the environment to install the package and select “Install”.


Configure Channel Integration Framework

Once the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework is installed, you can access it in your Dynamics 365 instance and create a new Channel Provider by following the steps below.


  1. Fill out the “Channel Provider Configuration” form [1] with the required information
  2. InSelect Unified Interface Apps for the Channel“ [2] choose the list of Unified Interface Apps where the channel is displayed for the agents.
  3. In “Select the Roles for the Channel“ [3], you can choose the security roles that are present in Dynamics 365.
    Note: You must select one or more security profiles for the channel to be shown to users and agents.


If everything is correctly configured, you will see the login form on the right-hand side of the screen. This means that the CTI is enabled on your account, and you simply need to enter your Talkdesk account name to log in [4].


Channel Provider Configuration





Name Talkdesk  Name of the channel provider.
Label Talkdesk The label is displayed as the title on the widget.
Channel URL https: //«CRM_INSTANCE».«CRM» WebResources/talkdesk_/pages/cti/index.html e.g.: WebResources/talkdesk_/pages/cti/index.html
Enable Outbound Communication Yes When a phone number is selected on the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface page, the widget initiates the call or outbound communication.
Channel Order 0 The order of precedence of the channel providers.
API Version 1.0 The version of the Channel Integration Framework APIs.
Trusted Domain https://«CRM_INSTANCE».«CRM» e.g.:
Custom Parameters <empty> Leave this field empty.

Note: For full details on each field, please check Microsoft’s documentation on How to configure a channel provider for your Dynamics 365 organization.


Creating an App in your Azure account

To get started, you need to create an App in Azure and have access to MS Dynamics 365, so that Talkdesk has the required access to synchronize data.

Note: The following steps should be executed by an Admin user in your organization. They are based on Microsoft's steps to register an app.

  1. Log in to using the Office 365 administrator user of your Dynamics CRM subscription.


  1. In the Azure Active Directory, go to App registrations [1] and add new application registrations by clicking on New registration [2].


  1. On the “Register an application” page, enter your application's registration information:
    • “Name”: Enter a meaningful application name to be displayed to users of the app.
    • “Supported account types”: Select which accounts you would like your application to support. Choose “Accounts in this organizational directory only”.
    • Click Register [3] to finish the registration process.



  1. Right after the registration, the new app is presented to you. Go to Certificates & secrets [4].
  2. Add a new client secret by clicking on New client secret [5]. Then, enter a description and expiration, and click the Add button.


  1. A secret value is created, which the application uses to provide its identity. Save the value in a safe location, as this is the only time it is displayed.


  1. Go to Overview [6], and locate the “Application (client) ID” and the “Directory (tenant) ID”. Save these for future reference.


  1. Go to API permissions [7] and click Add a permission [8].



  1. Select Dynamics CRM [9].


  1. Select Delegated permissions [10], followed by user_impersonation [11], and click on Add permissions [12].

Add a CRM Application User

Note: An Admin user in your organization should execute the following steps. They are based on Microsoft's documentation on creating users and assigning security roles, and creating Application User.

  1. Go to the Power Platform Admin center:


  1. Navigate to Environments.


  1. Choose the environment that you wish to configure.


  1. Under “Access” on the right side menu, select S2S Apps.


  1. Click on New app user [1].


  1. Create a new app user.
    1. Click on Add an app.
      • Choose the app that you have registered in the Azure portal.
    2. Select your “Business unit”.
    3. Set the “Security role”: Talkdesk Integration User.
    4. Click the Create button.
  2. Now that the S2S is created, you can go to the newly recently created Application user and save the Email Address for later configuration.


Security Roles: The Talkdesk solution T4D365 includes security roles carefully controlled and with minimal requirement access. If the solution is available to you, our advice is to use it so that any future solution version update also updates the security roles.


Configuring “Regional Cloud”

Your Talkdesk account defines the regional cloud. To configure it in T4D365, do the following:


  1. Fill out the form by setting your “Talkdesk account name” [1] and, on the dropdown [2], select the regional cloud where your Talkdesk instance is based.
  2. Click Save.

Configuring “Relate to”

“Relate To” enables agents to select existing cases or opportunities in Dynamics 365 and relate them to a call during after call work.
You can choose whether you want to have cases, opportunities, or both available for the agent to relate the call to. “Relate To” will show the 20 most recent open cases or opportunities. To configure this field, tick the option you want from the “Relate To entities” menu [3].


Configuring “Single UI”

For “Single UI”, choose from three options:

  1. “CTI Connection only”: Making Talkdesk run on a separate window.
  2. Conversations only”: Making Talkdesk Conversations app run as a single app in the frame, giving the single pane of glass view inside Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  3. “Talkdesk Workspace”: The full experience of Talkdesk Workspace embedded into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application.


You can only have one of the options selected.


Configuring “Contact fields to sync”

To configure contact synchronization, you need to select the “Contact fields to sync” in the drop-down menu. With this, you’re choosing which Dynamics contacts are synced with your Talkdesk account.


Implementation - Talkdesk side

Setting up your Talkdesk account

For the CTI integration to work, you need to have the Dynamics 365 integration added and correctly configured in your Talkdesk account.

Note: If you are in Talkdesk Workspace, you can access the integration and all features described below by navigating to the Talkdesk Builder app. For more information, please refer to this article.


  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  2. Open the Builder section [1].
  3. Select the Integrations [2] tab and click Add Integration [3].
  4. Search for “Dynamics 365”.


  1. Click on Add Integration [4]. This will take you to the configuration for Dynamics 365.

  2. Fill out the form with your Dynamics 365 credentials and select the appropriate boxes to customize the configuration of this integration:

Dynamics 365 Connector configuration

Field name




e.g.: MyDyn365

Name of your MS Dynamics 365 Instance.

Agent Email


Username (email) of the user that will be running the services used to connect to MS Dynamics for synchronization data.

API Token


The input value is 1.

Your MS Tenant Name

e.g.: 8bf4de6a-44f0-4059-9egd-8ba33d080414

GUID of MS Tenant ID. Use the tenant id previously created; refer to “Creating an App in your Azure account” (step 7 “Directory (tenant) ID”).

Your Dynamics 365 url


Base url of your MS Dynamics 365 URL.

Your application id/client id


Client id from the app that is registered in Azure. Use the client id previously created; refer to “Creating an App in your Azure account” (step 7 “Application (Client) ID”).

Your application client secret


Client secret from the app that is registered in Azure. Refer to “Creating an App in your Azure account“ (step 5, field “Value“).



Feature Name

Default Configuration

Configurations details

Connect to CTI Recommended
  • Have the Dynamics 365 integration added and correctly configured in your Talkdesk account.
  • The default integration of your agents also needs to be set to Dynamics 365.
Synchronize Contacts Recommended  
Synchronize Agents Recommended  
Load Interactions Optional  
Preview Actions Optional  
Interaction Types Optional  
Contact Types

The recommended by default are the Contact.

Lead types are optional.

Relate To Optional If you want to relate a call to a case/opportunity in Dynamics 365. Needs configuration over the configuration page. (Version 1.2.0 or later)
Mandatory Relate To Optional If you desire to make the field of Relate-to mandatory
  1. Once all the fields are filled in, click Save [5] in the bottom right corner of the page.
  2. Step required only if you are using Talkdesk CTI within your Dynamics 365 integration: go to the Agents tab, select the applicable agents, and set the Client Integration to Dynamics 365. For more details, please refer to this article, section Assigning Client Integrations per Agent.

Note: To enable the integration, customers should contact Talkdesk Support to request the enablement in their account and sharing of the T4D365 solution.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance, do not hesitate to contact Talkdesk Support.

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