Knowledge Management: Salesforce Configuration

If you wish to add a Salesforce knowledge base using Talkdesk Knowledge Management™, please read the guidelines below to learn how to obtain the required data and authorizations in Salesforce.


Granting Authorization to Access Salesforce Data

Two items are needed for Knowledge Management to be able to access the data of a specific Salesforce instance:

  • A Connected App;
  • A user with a profile with permissions to read the data and to use the created app.

Creating a Connected App

To be able to connect Knowledge Management to a Salesforce knowledge base, you need to provide a client key and secret so that you can obtain an OAuth token.

To get those items, first, you need to create a connected app with the necessary information:

  1. Go to your Salesforce instance, e.g., https://<your_domain>


  1. Then, go to Apps > App Manager.
  2. In the top-right corner, click on New Connected App.


  1. Give the app a name (e.g., Knowledge Management) and enter your email address.
  2. Check the “Enable OAuth Settings” checkbox (in the API section) and fill in all the required information:
      • The “Callback URL” is not needed, but since the field cannot be left empty, please enter
      • In “Selected OAuth scopes”, choose Access and manage your data (api).

      6. Click Save when you’re done.


  1. After creating the connected app, the Consumer Key and Secret should be displayed.
  2. To check this information later, go to Apps > App Manager.
  3. Then, click on the arrow on the connected app you want to check and click View


  • The Consumer Key corresponds to the Client ID and the Consumer Secret corresponds to the Client Secret fields needed by Knowledge Management Configuration.
  • Please make sure you save both keys in a safe location.


Creating an Authorized User Profile

After creating the connected app, a user profile should be created for Knowledge Management. To do so, please follow these steps:Saleforce_Backoffice_7.png

  1. Go to Administration > Users > Profiles and click on New Profile.


  1. In the “Existing Profile” drop-down, select Read-Only and choose the “Profile Name” you wish to use.
  2. While creating the new profile, the goal is to give it only the permissions needed to use the REST API, to read from the Knowledge Bases:


  1. In “Connected App Access”, check the box next to the name of the app created for Knowledge Management.


  1. In “Administrative Permissions”, uncheck all boxes except the one next to “API Enabled” (note that some boxes may be impossible to uncheck; leave those as they are).


  1. In “General User Permissions”, uncheck all uncheckable options.


  1. In “Standard Object Permissions”, uncheck all uncheckable options.


  1. In “Knowledge Base Permissions”, select the checkbox in the “Read” column.
  2. Select the profile created before as the Knowledge Management user, by following these steps:

Note: If there is no user for Knowledge Management, please create one.


  1. Click on Edit next to the Knowledge Management user.


  1. In "Profile", select the created profile.
  2. Go to Apps > App Manager.
  3. Then, click on the arrow next to the Copilot App and click on Manage.
  4. On the app’s management page, click Edit Policies.


  1. In “OAuth Policies”, change the “Permitted Users” value to Admin approved users are pre-authorized.
  2. Click Save.


Adding the Required Data

In the “Connection Settings” section of the Salesforce knowledge base, please fill out the mandatory fields by following these guidelines:

  • URL: The URL corresponds to the Salesforce instance URL from which you want to extract data. Usually, it has this format: https://<company-domain>; https://<company-domain>

  • Username: The username of an account authorized to access both the articles and the Salesforce API. More information on how to do that can be found in the section “Creating an Authorized User Profile”.
  • Security Token:
    • Please add a combination of the user’s password and their security token in the format <password><security token> (e.g., for the password “abc” and the security token “123”, please enter “abc123” in the field).
    • The security token is needed to access the Salesforce API. To obtain a Salesforce security token, if you do not have one saved already, please follow these steps:


  • Go to Settings.


  • Under “My Personal Information”, select Reset My Security Token and click on Reset Security Token. You should receive the token via e-mail.
  • Login URL: This is the Salesforce URL used to obtain the login token. It is in production instances and in sandbox/test instances.
  • Client ID: This corresponds to the Salesforce Connected App consumer key. More information can be found in the section “Creating a Connected App”.
  • Client Secret: Here you need to enter the Salesforce Connected App consumer secret. More information can be found in the section “Creating a Connected App”.
  • Grant Type: This is the grant type used to obtain Access Tokens. Currently, the only allowed value is “password”.
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