Processing Payments on a Call

Through PCI Pal Assisted Payment Service you can provide your customers with a secure payment mechanism.

When you secure a call using this service, your customers can make a payment by adding their credit card information on their phone, and neither Talkdesk nor your agents will have access to it.



Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to enable this service and be put in contact with PCI Pal. They will:

  • configure for PCI Pal one or more of your Talkdesk phone numbers, where payments will be processed;
  • customize your dashboard according to your business needs;
  • help your agents set up a PCI Pal account.

Note: If you do not know who your CSM is, please contact



1. Make sure you are using a phone number that is enabled for PCI.
2. Log in to the PCI Pal webpage when you are on a call with a customer and you need to process their payment.

3. Open Callbar’s dialer pad [1].


4. Dial the token [2]. Please note that you cannot copy-paste it.
Once you do it, the color of the phone icon will change to green, which means the call is secured.

5. Tell the customer to input their information on their phone’s dialer pad.
The encrypted information will be added on the PCI Pal webpage. Once all digits have been added, the next field will be selected automatically.


Tip: To reset any of the fields, simply click on the Reset button.


6. Once all relevant fields have been filled out, click on Process Transaction [3].

You will be directed to a new page where you can see if the transaction was processed successfully.


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