Adding Conversations App to Salesforce Lightning apps

If you are using Talkdesk for Salesforce and wish to use Conversations App in another app, other than Talkdesk Lightning (for example, the Sales app), you need to: add the “Open CTI Softphone” utility to that app, or create a new Lightning app and add this utility.

To create a new Lightning app, please follow these steps:



  • Click on 'Setup' [1], in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select 'Apps' [2].
  • Select 'App Manager' [3].
  • Click on 'New Lightning App' [4].



Let’s take the example of creating a Lightning Sales App:


  • In 'App Name', enter “Sales for Lightning” [5].
  • In 'Developer Name', enter “Sales_for_Lightning” [6].
  • Type in a 'Description', such as “Lightning-compatible for Sales” [7].
  • Press 'Next' [8].

Next, you will need to set the navigation option:

  • Select 'Standard navigation'.
  • Press 'Next'.

In the following screen, you can configure the utility bar for this app:



  • Click on 'Add Utility Item' [9].
  • Select 'Open CTI Softphone' from the list [10].
  • Press 'Next' [11].

Next, you can choose the items to include in the app:

  • For this example, select 'Accounts', 'Cases', 'Contacts' and 'Leads'.
  • Press 'Next'.

Finally, decide which user profiles will be able to access the app:



  • For this example, select 'Standard Platform User', 'Standard User', and 'System Administrator' [12].
  • Click on 'Save & Finish', and that’s it [13].

If you have any questions, please contact Talkdesk Support


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