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Talkdesk for Salesforce FAQ - New Customers


General Questions:


What is Talkdesk for Salesforce?

Talkdesk for Salesforce is Talkdesk’s managed package for Salesforce. It gives Salesforce users a more comprehensive call center experience by providing native access to a variety of Talkdesk features such as agent provisioning, real-time reporting, historical call reports and more.


Who can access Talkdesk for Salesforce?

Talkdesk for Salesforce leverages Salesforce triggers, custom fields, custom objects and API calls. For this reason, it is currently only available to Talkdesk Pro and Enterprise users with the following editions of Salesforce:

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Professional with API access


How much will it cost?

There will be an initial implementation fee to install Talkdesk for Salesforce. This fee is determined based on the size and complexity of your call center.


Where can I get Talkdesk for Salesforce?

Talkdesk for Salesforce is available for installation from the Salesforce AppExchange. Please note that full access to the app requires prior activation from Talkdesk. If you would like to start a free trial of Talkdesk for Salesforce, please fill out this form.


Is it possible to trial the Talkdesk solution with Salesforce?

Yes! To request a free trial of Talkdesk for Salesforce, please fill out this form and someone will reach out with further details.


Can I use my existing phone numbers with Talkdesk in Salesforce?

Yes. Talkdesk for Salesforce supports the same phone number porting procedures as the main Talkdesk instance. For more information, please refer to the number porting section of our Knowledge Base.


Does Talkdesk for Salesforce count towards the two-integration limit for Talkdesk Pro licenses?

Yes. Talkdesk for Salesforce counts towards the two-integration limit.


How do I provision Talkdesk licenses for my Salesforce users?

Talkdesk for Salesforce licenses are separate from regular Talkdesk licenses. Once Talkdesk for Salesforce has been activated, you can provision new licenses by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or Please provide your Salesforce Production Organization ID (found at Setup > Company Information in Salesforce) and specify that you would like to add "Salesforce" licenses to your account.


Technical Questions:


What editions of Salesforce are supported by Talkdesk for Salesforce?

Because of the triggers, workflow rules, custom objects, and API calls Talkdesk for Salesforce requires, it is currently only available for the following editions of Salesforce:

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited 
  • Professional with API access


What Salesforce User License types will be supported by Talkdesk for Salesforce?

Only Salesforce users with a full Salesforce user license can leverage Talkdesk for Salesforce. Chatter, Platform, Partner and other user license types will not be supported.


What access will be needed by the Salesforce Admin installing Talkdesk for Salesforce?

The user installing Talkdesk for Salesforce in your Salesforce instance must possess Salesforce Administrator access and/or the ability to create, update and delete AppExchange packages.


Does Talkdesk support Salesforce Sandbox instances?

Yes. We recommend contacting us for a separate trial instance of Talkdesk to connect with your Salesforce Sandbox. Although a full sandbox is preferred, a partial sandbox should be adequate to test Talkdesk for Salesforce.

Please do not connect your EXISTING Talkdesk Account with your sandbox without first contacting our Professional Services Team, as this will likely disrupt service and cause downtime for your call center.


Does Talkdesk for Salesforce support Salesforce Lightning?

Yes! Users can enjoy all aspects of Talkdesk for Salesforce since Winter ‘17. 

This update provided a new Talkdesk Lightning app that has been customized exclusively for the Lightning Experience. With the app, users have fast access to key Talkdesk features including Talkdesk Admin, live/historical reporting and the CTI. In addition, Talkdesk is fully compatible with Salesforce’s LockerService. LockerService enforces security restrictions on Lightning components to identify and prevent potential vulnerabilities. All of Talkdesk’s Lightning components have been validated and function as expected with LockerService enabled.

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