SAML SSO - Google Cloud Identity

SAML SSO can be enabled by Admins by selecting the default Single Sign-on provider for their account as 'SAML':

Talkdesk supports the integration with Google Cloud Identity as a SAML SSO provider. This document details the configuration steps required to configure the communication between these two services.


Google Cloud Identity

In order to configure this integration with Talkdesk you’ll first need to create a custom SAML application using your Google Suite admin account. To do this follow the "Set up your own custom SAML app" instructions available in this G Suite Admin Help article.

Note that in step 8, you just need to fill the ACS URL and the Entity ID with a URL like "https://<youraccount>".

Example of final configuration:




Google Cloud Identity doesn't provide a dynamic metadata URL that you can use directly in Talkdesk. For testing purposes, you can create a GitHub gist with the content of the metadata file that Google allows you to download, and use it as the SSO Metadata URL.

Log into your Talkdesk account and navigate to Admin Preferences. Add the Metadata URL to the Single Sign-On Provider section and save it:


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