SAML SSO - Auth0

SAML SSO can be enabled by Admins by selecting the default Single Sign-on provider for their account as 'SAML':

Talkdesk supports the integration with Auth0 as a SAML SSO provider. This document details the configuration steps required to configure the communication between these two services.



  1. Go to 'Applications' and click on the 'New Application' button:


  1. Give a name to the application (e.g. Talkdesk). Then, select 'Native App' and click on 'Create'.



  1. Select the 'Addons' tab and click on the 'SAML2' widget.


  1. Add the ‘Application Callback URL’ (e.g., and configure the JSON ‘Settings’, as follows:

 "nameIdentifierProbes": [





This step is required and allows Auth0 to send to Talkdesk the email address as the NameID of the SAML response.


  1. Scroll down and click 'Save'.


  1. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab.


  1. Scroll down and click on 'Show Advanced Settings'. Select the 'Endpoints' tab:



  1. Scroll down to ‘SAML’ to check the endpoints available. Copy the ‘SAML Metadata URL’ and save it somewhere safe (you will need to add this URL in Talkdesk).



In order to configure Auth0 as the Identity Provider, login into your Talkdesk account and navigate to Admin Preferences. Add the Metadata URL, which was copied in step 8, to the Single Sign-On Provider section and save it:



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