SAML SSO - IBM Cloud Identity

SAML SSO can be enabled by Admins by selecting the default Single Sign-on provider for their account as 'SAML':

Talkdesk supports the integration with IBM Cloud Identity as a SAML SSO provider. This document details the configuration steps required to configure the communication between these two services.


IBM Cloud Identity

1. Select Applications on the menu options in the top of the page and click Add:


2. Check the Custom Application box and click OK:


3. Give an application name and insert the Company Name:


4. Select the Sign-on tab and define the Provider ID and the Assertion Consumer Service URL as below. Also, don't forget to check the box to enable "Use identity provider initiated single sign-on":


5. Scroll down and copy the metadata URL that is provided on the right side of the screen as shown below. Save this for later Talkdesk configuration:

SAML-IBM5.png6. Click Save.

7. In the Entitlements section, click Add:


8. Select and add the user, then click OK:


9. Click Save and the application should now be ready:




In order to configure the IBM Cloud Identity as the Identity Provider, log into your Talkdesk account and navigate to Admin Preferences. Add the Metadata URL, that was copied on step 5, to the Single Sign-On Provider section and save it:



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