Stay Informed: Notifications & Status Updates

Talkdesk informs users of new releases and status updates using the following channels:

  • Release Notes - Organized by product. We suggest bookmarking preferred products for easier access. Release Notes are published for new features, enhancements, and major fixes. See How to below.
  • Weekly Digest - Opt in or “Follow” to receive an email notification each Monday, containing a consolidated list of all Release Notes and Product Notices published in the previous week.
  • Seasonal Release Guides - Customers and partners receive an email from Talkdesk with the highlights of functionality deployed over the prior three months. 
  • Status Page - Subscribe to Talkdesk Status Page to receive notifications and updates on critical service disruptions, and monitor Global Operations.

Note: We also recommend following the Product Notices section. Product Notices alert customers of any critical changes to the product. In most cases they contain actions customers must take in order to prepare for forthcoming changes. See article: Communicating Critical Product Changes.


How to Follow Release Notes and Weekly Digest

1. In the Release Notes and the Weekly Digest section, click Follow next to the title.


2. Sign in or sign up, using the email address where you want to receive the email notifications.

3. Hit Follow again.



  • Alternatively, you can sign in first, navigate to the Release Notes or Weekly Digest, and select Follow.
  • Once you start following a section, the button will change to Unfollow.
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