Defining and Editing Permissions for Talkdesk Teams

By default, all Admin users are set to include the "Create" role permission and have the ability to view, create and edit the Teams section. Agents will not be able to view this section. However, as an admin, you can decide to restrict these permissions only to a selected group of people. For example, you can configure your supervisor role to edit and see the Teams section, but only admins will have the "Create" permission to be able to create new teams.


Defining and Editing Permissions for the Talkdesk Teams section:

To configure which of your users should be able to edit or view your Teams section, follow these steps:


  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  2. Select the Admin section at the top of the page [1].
  3. Click on the Roles and Permissions tab [2].
  4. Choose the role that you would like to change and click on Permissions.
  5. Click on Edit and scroll down to the Teams section [3].
  6. Grant, or remove permissions by selecting or deselecting the permissions [4].
  7. Scroll up and click Save to complete the process.

Learn more about how to configure Team roles.

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