AI Launchpad: Summarization Models

Summarization models are AI models that can be used to configure Talkdesk Copilot’s automatic summaries, which are interaction summaries generated by Generative AI. 

Based on the real-time transcript of the interaction, the summaries present the main points of the conversation and select Copilot’s appropriate corresponding disposition.


Configuring Summarization Models

The Summarization Models can be configured at product-level, with one configuration that affects all interactions.

To do so, click the “Summary” card in Copilot > Settings and the configuration side-panel will appear.


Alternatively, models can be configured by flow, providing more flexibility to the configurations.

Enrich the AI flow with an Summarization model, like you would with an Intent model



Configuration Options

Configuration options are displayed in a configuration side-panel and are the following:

These models can be configured using Copilot Standard, or Copilot Premium. For more information, please read the sections below.


Copilot Standard


  • Summarization can be turned on/off, by using the “Automatic summarization and disposition” toggle
    • By enabling this option, agents will be presented with an “Generate with AI” prompt. This will create an automated summary of the Copilot interaction, which can also be copied to Notes.
  • If the “Automatic summarization and disposition” toggle is enabled, the “Automatic copy of summary and disposition to notes” option will be available to turn on/of. If turned on, admins will be able to configure if the summary and notes should be automatically copied to the Notes card. Agents will be able to edit before submission of the copy.


Copilot Premium


  • Copilot Premium customers will be able to perform all the actions in Copilot Standard, plus the one below:
    • Admins can select “Automatic trigger of summarization and disposition”. In this case, agents don’t have to manually click the “Generate with AI” button, as summaries will automatically be generated. This option can be used with “Automatic copy of summary and disposition to notes” enabled or disabled.


Important Information

  • Only one configuration level is possible at a time, meaning that only “product-level” or “flow level” summarization options can be configured at any given point in time.
    • If a product-level configuration is in place and the “Summarization” model is added to any of the Copilot AI flows, the product-level configuration will automatically be disabled.
    • If AI Flow level summarization models are configured (and the product-level configuration is enabled), all summarization models will be automatically removed from the AI flows. Please see the examples below.


  • If the global summary feature is already on.


  • If the product already has an AI Flow level summary.
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