Talkdesk Advanced Dialer: Agent Experience

About this Feature

Agents using Advanced Dialer will conduct all their tasks within Talkdesk’s workspace. This article aims to elucidate how agents can effectively engage with this product. 

For enterprises and regulated industries seeking a sophisticated and adaptable dialer solution, Advanced Dialer is the answer. Its robust capabilities meet the tough requirements of these sectors, ensuring adherence to compliance standards and operational excellence.

Agents from accounts equipped with the Advanced Dialer will seamlessly connect to it to conduct dialer calls. This ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow for handling outbound communications.

By integrating the Advanced Dialer into Talkdesk’s workspace, agents experience a unified and intuitive interface, eliminating the need for navigating multiple platforms. This consolidation enhances productivity and minimizes operational complexities.


To install and use the Advanced Dialer, customers must install the two apps under the Talkdesk account, including Dialer Integrations Cards Tab and Dialer Integrations Preview Dialer.

How To/Functionality

Agents wanting to use Advanced Dialer can use it seamlessly.  In this article, we will walk you through the entire agent experience, covering everything from logging in to handling predictive and preview calls, requesting breaks, and logging out processes.

Login Process

To begin using the Advanced Dialer, agents must first log in. Follow these steps to access the Advanced Dialer:

1. Open the secondary panel [1].

2. Access the dropdown menu and select Advanced Dialer [2]. 

3. Click the Join Campaigns button [3] and wait for the login process to be completed.

Upon successful login, agents are immediately tethered, indicating their readiness to handle campaign calls. This also means that, when answering the call, contacts will not experience a delay until the call is established with the agent, in compliance with possible regulatory requirements

Handling Predictive Calls

Predictive calls are automatically routed to agents, requiring minimal action on their part. Agents will navigate the Conversations app to view record and campaign details while on a call. After completing the call, agents will be automatically tethered again upon new records to be dialed.


Handling Preview Calls

Preview calls provide agents with contact context before deciding whether to proceed with the call. Here’s how agents handle these calls:

1. Access the Preview app [1], which automatically comes into focus when receiving a preview call.

2. Review the information presented and initiate the call [2] or skip the record [3].

3. If choosing to skip the call, agents can select from the following options:

  • Requeue [4]: Send the record back to the queue for future dialing.
  • Reschedule [5]: Define a specific date and time to contact the record later.
  • Finalize [6]: Mark the contact as finalized, removing it from the queue.

4. If connecting to the record, transition to the Conversations app to manage the call will be automatic.

Requesting Breaks 

1. Click the Request break button [1] in the secondary panel.

2. Wait for the request to be processed and take the break.

3. Upon returning, end the break and prepare for more campaign call action.

Logout process

To leave the Advanced Dialer, agents can simply press the Leave Campaign button, next to the Join Campaign button and wait for the logout process to complete.



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