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Merging Contacts in Zendesk


When merging contacts in Zendesk, be sure to merge into the contact created by Talkdesk. If you fail to do so, you may experience seemingly random failed ticket pops or ticket creation. Talkdesk uses Zendesk's contact ID to create a ticket for any contact. If a contact created by Talkdesk has been merged into another contact, it will be deleted, and Talkdesk will try to reference a Zendesk ID that no longer exists. Due to Zendesk's merge behavior, agents must merge into any contact that has been created by Talkdesk.


Here is an example of how to merge properly. Here, "Jonathan Sparks" is a contact with no phone number and is not associated with Talkdesk. Another contact was created when Jonathan called in on an unknown number. We must merge into that contact.



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